>Hit the Road Runnin'

>Well, it’s time folks – race day! (Well, tomorrow.)

I went to the Expo today and picked up my race packet, shopped for some goodies and am super stoked.

I’m so relaxed about this race and just ready to do it and make some more running memories. I’m ready to appreciate this fun city and see all the women out there who have trained so hard for this moment. The expo today was just giggling with girly excitement, and it warmed my heart 🙂 I wanted to high five people and yell “Go girl!” But I didn’t because there were security guards around and I didn’t want to get pegged as “keep an eye on that one…she crazy.”

I have my race outfit, bib and nutrition all laid out and ready to go.

I LOVE the personalized bib. Kind of makes me wish I had registered as JDub.

My favorite thing at the expo, that I just had to have a couple of, were these
Bondi Bands. They had SO many cool ones. I nearly got one with a power T, but there were too many cute running ones. I got one that says “I run like a girl” and one that just says “Run” in rhinestones. Ha! Amazing.

Tomorrow I’ll try to wear it so I don’t look so much like I borrowed it from Brett Michaels.

Happy running friends – send out good, cool thoughts to us ladies in Nashville tomorrow morning!



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