>Happy Saturday, My Little Nuggets

>The weekend is here! And the weather is beautiful! So why am I sitting inside blogging at 11:14 a.m. instead of being out enjoying the weather? Because I’m a little slow to get moving today. And being in my PJs and looking out the window at the droves of people on West End headed to the “Celebration of Cultures at Centennial Park today is better than any TV show I’ve ever seen.

I hope to actually make it over there today and see what the deal is, so I’ll be sure and take pictures if I do.

I also am looking forward to attempting a “long-run” of 5 miles today. This will be my second run since the half last weekend and I ease back into it. I can’t lose it though, because in just six weeks I have another half – with my little brother, Rog and Ashley! I use the term “with” loosely – as they’ll be about three miles ahead of me the entire time, I’m sure.

I laced ’em up for a short run with Rog earlier this week and we did 2.5. Felt so nice to be running again – and all of my ankle pain that appeared after the half was gone. So that’s really good news. Keep on keepin’ on!

Also, the highlight of the run was almost literally running into (like, colliding) with this guy from Brothers and Sisters. Seems he was headed over to one of my favorite haunts, Losers, on Division. But as typical with me and celebs, we were about .25 miles past him before I realized who he was. Ah well. Maybe he’s in some indie band or something. He seems the type.

We don’t need Los Angeles for random celeb sightings!

Luke Grimes, aka Ryan Lafferty on Brothers and Sisters.

Enjoy your weekend!



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