>Because I’m Too Busy to Blog these Days


Ha! Right.

But nonetheless, I DID just discover Windows Live Writer on my new laptop, which apparently makes blogging super easy peasy and saves lots of time. Particularly regarding the photo uploading part, which is part of this bogging thing that I do usually LOATHE, by the way. 

I don’t know – we shall see. It will take several more tests for this little baby to pass my very strict “ease of technology use” test. Anybody else use this thing? (Cindy – just saw your comment – I’ll keep you posted on what I think of this thing after a couple of uses! And maybe other folks can let us know, too!)

In other news – I am getting busier these days. Since leaving my last job, my career change is in full swing, with a big milestone happening last week, and another tomorrow. Oh yes – getting busier by the day. More details soon. I feel a little strange about putting it all “out there” just yet. Although I have enjoyed a little downtime, in between. I needed to catch my breath. And apparently catch up on the Kardashians for about 3 hours a day, I’m ashamed to admit.

Tomorrow is busy, as I’m spending a great deal of time at the ol’ townhouse doing some “staging.” Ah yes – a staging expert has given her opinion, and I’m headed out to make it all happen. Lots of rearranging and organizing and further perfecting an already pretty perfect little townhouse (that you or someone you know should buy – I’m not above subliminal messaging). I’ll post new pictures when those are done next week so you can tell your friends (to buy my townhouse).

Also tomorrow, if all goes as scheduled with the townhouse redesign, Rog and and I are going to meet up with one of my friends, Jessica, and run with the East Nasty crew for their weekly Wednesday night run. I have avoided this crew until now – not because they don’t sound fun – they sound like a blast – but because I hear they like to run fast. And well, I cruise at a 10:15 or so on my training runs. Not exactly roadrunner speed.

Lots of exciting things happening, kids. Thanks for letting me share with you.



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