>Half Mary


Yesterday my little brother ran his very first half marathon. Worst part, I have been sidelined and couldn’t run with him. Best part, my DAD got to run with him!! And they ACTUALLY ran together.

I was SO proud of them.

They wanted to run sub-2 hour times, and they both did amazing. Josh crossed at 1:56 and dad at 1:59. REALLY!? I was so impressed.

This was the I Run for the Party Half Marathon downtown – and really, don’t even get me started on the unorganized disaster that the IRFTP people are. One example – no water from mile 2.5 until mile 8. And it was a warm November morning. I could have strangled people when I heard this. I mean, that’s just dangerous and really should be illegal. I have to stop typing or I’ll go all day. Ok, just one more example – $63 race fee and the “medal” is a laminated card with the race sponsors on it that they called a “city pass.” Whaaaaat? LAME.

IRFTP = morons. I can’t wait for my running family to come back in April for the Country Music Marathon to experience a safe, organized, well planned and amazing Nashville half marathon! (I said this yesterday on the I Run for the Party facebook page…it has since been deleted.) Ok – really, I’m done….

Check these studs out.




Ready to run!

It was kind of fun being a spectator. We caught the boys at mile 4.




Here comes Wade #1! Love it!! He was stoked.

And Wade #2! Studs.

Salt face. Probably from lack of water!! Poor Daddy.

So proud of my Wade boys! And love our active family.



6 thoughts on “>Half Mary

  1. >I have stalked your blog for a while now, probably time to come out of hiding! Love your sense of humor. I'm hoping to start running and train for the Country Music Half. Was wondering if you mind sharing the program you started with? I looked back and didn't see it posted. I'm hoping to build my base through the end of the year so curious on how you started to do that. Thanks so much! Keep having fun and writing about it. You're an inspiration to at least one blog stalker out there!Jen

  2. >Jen! Reveal your identity and how I can get in touch with you 🙂 Am not sure if you'll find this response or not. BUT, thanks so much for being a faithful reader and blog stalker! Love it. SO excited you're going to do the CMM. I train with Fleet Feet here in Nashville. Google the Nashville location and they should have some info. on training on the Web site. I think sign ups are around the first of December, and we start first of January! So if you're just practicing being able to run up to 4 miles by the first of January, you'll be doing great. If you could work up to 5, you'll be ahead of the game! Just start by running 2 miles, three times a week. The next week run 2, 2, 3. Etc. and just kind of work your way up to where you can run 2, 2, and then 4 miles on the weekend. And you'll be all set for the first Fleet Feet run. Hope to see you then!!-Jenn

  3. >I finally responded back!! Thanks so much for the info. Can I email you from your blog? Can't seem to locate your email address… I'll give you my complete stats there! Ha!

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