>One Step at a Time


That statement has multiple meanings this week, but let’s talk running!

I took at least two weeks off when my shin was hurting so badly – possible stress fracture? I’m not sure, but dang, that was not fun. I have been so busy with work that I fortunately was distracted and didn’t spiral out of control (“I can’t run!? My life is O-V-E-R!!”) like with previous injuries. 🙂 I literally did zero cardio the past two weeks, unless walking around greater Nashville in high heels counts.

This week I attempted a little 2 miler. After one mile I wanted to quit and thought “well, I’ve lost it.” After I trained for my first half marathon this year I told myself I’d never let myself drop below that 6 mile mark – the place where I can easily run six miles as my long run on the weekend. They say 6 should be your “easy” base run if you’re a half marathoner. BUT, best laid plans…

So I gutted out my two miler this week and realized I’ll be starting all over! CMM training starts in January, so that leaves me time to build my base back up. Starting all over is worth is though – I’d rather start over than throw in the towel!

Today, I got off work a little early and had a great, hilly, tough 5k! 3.1 and at quite the swift pace for me. So, that was encouraging. Watch out Country Music Half – I’m already registered, so I’ll be seeing you in April 🙂




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