>And on the Seventh Day…


…she blogged.

Apparently I’ve become a “once a a week blogger” at best, and I hate that. I like to try to blog as much as possible – every other day or so. Not every day – or six times a day (get a life, people) – but these days time seems against me and my little blog!

I know you’re all just wasting away and pulling your hair out through the week as you don’t hear from me – but I’m doing the best I can 🙂

This weekend I was lucky enough to join Mrs. Kelly Thorne for her big 3-0 birthday dinner! It was a treat, at Cantina Laredo, with my Linville ladies. I love them. My other mother and sisters from another mister.


Baby Brantley is really growing, and I got to feel him kick during dinner! Well, it was after we fed him some Apple Pie with Brandy Butter. Wowzas. It was so good and he obviously thought so too! I always love feeling a baby kick – it just kind of blows my mind. “There’s something alive in there!!” Ha – the more you read, the more you realize why I only have a fur baby.

This morning, Rog and I had a lovely little breakfast and watched the snow flurries fall on Centennial Park from our dining room window. We pretended it was still summer with a bowl of fresh pomegranate on the side of our breakfast. It was like candy – I love those things! A little laborious to dig those little arils out, but worth it.



This afternoon I ventured out to the grocery store and somehow ended up Christmas shopping. I quickly remembered why I hate Christmas shopping. I went to the mall in Cool Springs, to go to this little jewelry and accessories store. Well, it’s no longer there. Apparently. I thought, “maybe I came in the wrong entrance? I’ll just walk around a little bit.”

Within moments of strolling through the mall on a Sunday afternoon, I wanted to take all the money I would normally spend on Christmas gifts and instead buy birth control and distribute it to those who obviously should not reproduce again. (Reference previous comment about my fur baby.) Wow, it was madness.

I made mild progress on my shopping list and got the heck out of there and home to my quiet flat and quiet fur baby.

Trying out a new recipe tonight – rundown coming soon! Have a great week, friends. Catch ya next weekend 😉



One thought on “>And on the Seventh Day…

  1. >Thanks for the encouragement! I'm scared to death, but excited! Career changes are a little overwhelming, as I'm sure you know! As for only having fur babies, please rethink that! There are not enough smart, successful and beautiful people in the world. We need your genes!

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