I’ve been occasionally looking for a daily devotional to do, lately.  Whenever I find myself in the book store, or perusing Amazon.com, etc. Requirements are this:

  • Something focused on women, I think. Preferably busy, real life, trying to balance it all, chicks.
  • Daily.
  • Something that encourages me to open the Bible, and not JUST read the verse or text printed within the devotional book.
  • And something not terribly time consuming. (Reference bullet #1.) I’m just being honest – because if it’s too time consuming, I won’t do it daily, and I really want to do it and enjoy it.

A couple of options:

finding calm in chaos

From Amazon: Best-selling author Kathy Bostrom offers this book of devotions to help women create calm in the chaos of their busy lives. The book is comprises twenty-eight days of devotions for each month of the year, so that readers can begin using the book during any month. Each week’s devotions, prayers, quotations, and “Spirit Boosters” focus on one Bible passage, which is read each day of that week. Each week ends with a “Sabbath Celebration,” a time for quiet prayer, reflection, and renewal. The “Spirit Boosters” for each week are divided into “Reaching In” and “Reaching Out” sections. They offer suggestions for ways to be kind to yourself and to others while nurturing your own faith. This book is ideal for women’s prayer groups, to give as a gift, or to give to yourself.

women's devotional guide to the bible

From Amazon: Building on the unique five-day prayer and study formula used in her best-selling book, Women of the Bible, Jean E. Syswerda provides you with a comprehensive overview of Scripture in this fifty-two week devotional. The Women’s Devotional Guide to the Bible gives you tools for in-depth study, reflection, and prayer. It also offers you a practical approach to the complexities of the Bible, by employing a method you can effectively and easily use as part of your busy daily schedule.

I’m kind of leaning towards the second one? Any others out there that you’ve done or heard about that I should look into? Thanks, friends.



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