>Snow Day


To be a self-employed person, there are actually very few days that I’ve stayed in my PJs and worked from home since I started this new job. Today however, there wasn’t much choice, since Nashville turned into an ice rink last night.

So, I slept in, made a ham and cheese scramble for breakfast rather than my usual “grab a granola bar or whatever you can and get your butt out the door” breakfast, and then caught up on some paperwork, financials and other fun self-employed person stuff.

I quite like working from home….

…because this is my officemate.

She takes up a lot of space, and doesn’t work very hard – but she sure is pretty to look at.


The business suit got traded in for sock monkey Christmas pjs and the sorority hoodie.


And high heels got traded in for moose baby house shoes.

But mostly I really like working from home because this guy is on the other side of my office wall, in his office.


Stay warm out there!



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