>There’s a Mouse in My Stocking


Last night Rog and I celebrated our Christmas, since we’re headed to East TN soon to do the same with the rest of the fam. We like to open our presents here at home before we hit the road.

First, as any good parent would, we let Callie open her stocking. She got two different kinds of treats, a new mousey (her FAVORITE toy), and a birdie that chirps. Turn up your volume and soak in the cuteness.

Santa visits Callie.

Can you tell which is old and which is new mousey? Seriously – they once looked the same. The old one has been sewn up and patched before, and its guts are still falling out. Along with its squeaker box – yes, they squeak.


A happy Christmas kitten.


Rog and I with our presents, below. I made him these awesome coasters using maps of places we’ve been together – the Smokies, Destin, Los Angeles, Asheville, East TN of course, and Nashville, our first home. They turned out so great – more on those later with a tutorial to make your own. He made me a place to hang my necklaces, because he’s always having to untangle them for me. Ha. So now I have an awesome, beautiful place to hang them. In the middle is a vintage map from 1903 of Asheville and the mountains that we love so much. How weird is it that we BOTH used maps in our homemade Christmas gifts to each other? Can you tell we want to move to the mountains of Western NC one day? Ha.


After present opening we had dinner at Bella Napoli, this new little pizza and Italian joint in Edgehill Village off Music Row. Their pizza rocks my face. The best, most authentic (I guess…not that I’ve been to Italy) Italian pizza ever. Yum!

We are off to a great start for a Very Merry Christmas and can’t wait to be with the fam to celebrate more soon! Merry Christmas, butterballs.



One thought on “>There’s a Mouse in My Stocking

  1. >I love the pic of Callie holding her new mouse:)Also, thanks for the restaurant recommendation- Heath and I love good pizza places!Merry Christmas to the Wades!

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