>Dead Ducks, Gambling, Homemade Sweaters and Presents–It Must Be Christmas!


Rog and I headed East to God’s Country (Kingston, duh) for Christmas and spent three and a half days being force fed by my Mom and Dad and indulging in present opening and lots of sleeping and giggling. It was good, clean, holiday fun….with a little Christmas Eve gambling thrown in the mix.

First, every holiday, of course, starts with a traditional duck hunting excursion – at least for my dad and brother.

Sharpening his knives for the little duckies. (This is post-hunt. He doesn’t hunt ducks with a kitchen knife, just to clarify.)


“If it flies, it dies.” – Dad


Later in the week these turned into a delicious duck gumbo. YUM. A hunter and a chef!


Now that we’ve killed some ducks, we can carry on with celebrating Jesus….

…with food, presents and gambling!

Me and my beau.


I made “blue cheese and chive straws” and “spicy parmesan crisps” – two huge appetizer hits at our Christmas Eve soiree. See recipes by clicking the links in the previous sentence. AH-mazing, and pretty dang easy. Whip some up at your next gathering.


I “made” a tacky sweater ($4 Goodwill cardigan that I glued those little snowballs to) for a tacky sweater party that got cancelled – so I got my money’s worth on Christmas Eve. AND, my family got to enjoy its beauty. My natural vogue-like irresistibility is just an added bonus.


Now that the family is gathered….we gamble. (I’m not as fat as this stretched out picture makes me out to be. Note to self…don’t use this photo editing setting anymore. Or eat so much cheese while baking.)


The little turds won again. They win every year. See last year’s celebration by clicking HERE.


Christmas morning – in all our glory. And my pink sock monkey PJs.




Callie made the trip with us this time – she loves sitting on the screened in porch and feeling a part of nature. Close…but not too close, because she’s really an indoor kitty no matter how much she wishes the opposite. When squirrels would get on the porch or dogs would run through the yard she would stand up on her fat little haunches to see them. My little groundhog.


I love my family so much – we always have such a good time together. Having Rog there with us this year was a blessing, and I am already sad Christmas is gone. Till next time, cotton headed ninny muggins.



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