>Like a Fine Wine


Welcome, 2011! I’m convinced you’re going to be the best yet.

This week Rog and I were blessed with a couple of free club level tickets to go see the Vols play in the Music City Bowl. Although it was a heartbreaking (although not terribly surprising) loss, we had a blast. The weather was a balmy 50 degrees and perfect for football watching. We also got some free passes to the pregame tailgate on the General Jackson showboat and got a yummy free dinner buffet and some free adult beverages 🙂 Yes please. The only thing better than a buffet and beer is a free buffet and beer.


Go Vols!


Rocking my Power T earrings, courtesy of Josh Wade. Good gift! 🙂




Love the band!!


The band stayed next door to the Flat at the Holiday Inn and warmed up at Vanderbilt about a block away. We could hear them from our back deck – and it sure was a nice way to pregame! 🙂 I heard some girl drove past the practice field on her way home from work and was fist pumping and screaming the words to Rocky Top. Who would do that? Embarrassing…


One more self-portrait because I know you can’t get enough.


This New Year’s Eve Rog and I decided to be budget friendly and avoid the alcoholics downtown, and we spent the evening in. We ordered pizza, rented a movie, sipped wine and visited with Callie Cat. It was perfect! We watched the traditional Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, kissed, and congratulated ourselves for staying up till midnight. So excited for 2011!!


Aunt B got us wine glasses for Christmas because we always drink our wine out of our short little wine glasses. Well, on NYE we drank our Spumante champagne out of our new wine glasses. We just can’t get it together. But hey – I’d drink it out of my hand if that was the only option. I don’t discriminate.


I hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve and that 2011 is happy, safe and prosperous for all of us!

I, personally, will be eating an entire can of black eyed peas and a garden’s worth of turnip greens this evening to bring me lots of luck and money this year. 😉



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