>It’s Cool, because I like Turtles


I had my first group run with the Fleet Feet training group for the Country Music Half Marathon today. I was excited to run with the FF’ers again, as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my other two training sessions I did with them last year for my first two halfs. I pretty much don’t know how to train without them!

There were over 500, I think close to 600, runners and walkers out there today. INSANE.

As usual, I ended up chatting with some nice people along the way, but mostly ran by myself….or, as much by myself as I could with 500 people around. I always just kind of get in the zone and people watch and eavesdrop on other people’s conversation rather than carrying one on myself. It’s good entertainment.

Today I was also reminded how slow of a distance runner I feel like, and then quickly scolded myself for feeling that way. After all, I’ve never been one to set out on these halfs, or even a 5K for that matter, with the intention of setting a world record….or even a personal record, although I may quietly have a time I’d like to be close to in the back of my head. But even that being said, when you’re running with lots of people and a girl with a butt twice the size of yours passes you like you’re standing still, (just saying…you know you’d feel the same) it’s hard not to pick up the pace a little.

I usually settle in around a 10:15 pace, but today I was definitely sucking wind and settled in about 10:25 and finished around 10:30 pace. So I was kind of giving myself a hard time, and had to remember that I’m just doing this to stay in shape, stay active, relieve stress (not bring it on myself!) and cross the finish line in April without pooping my pants. That’s pretty much it. The physical challenge of FINISHING 13.1 miles still standing is the ultimate for me.

So like the tortoise, slow and steady, Wade. Slow and steady.

The gusting winds and snow flakes that kept stabbing me in the eyeballs probably didn’t help the cause today either.

Snowy roads in Brentwood. It snowed the whole run! So pretty. I’d rather run in the snow than just the bitter cold. At least it makes it more scenic.


Dork face. Glad to be finished with the first run!


Home and showered – cuddling with someone who doesn’t care how fast I run. Except if her food bowl is empty. Then I better get a move on.



It’s training season, baby! See you at the finish line.



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