>Some People Eat to Live…


…I, on the other hand, live to eat.

My coworkers make fun of me because I think about my next meal while I’m still eating my last. They also say I must have a hollow leg in which I put all of this food, which is the only reason I put up with said making fun of…

Ever since Rog and I were in California in September and had the most AAAAmazing dinner at Pace’, we have craved the appetizer we had there. It was honeydew, wrapped in prosciutto, with the creamiest goat cheese (I think) on top. So tonight, since we’re soooo LA, we recreated it at the house.

We did cantaloupe instead of honeydew – yum.



We had a little potato, cheese and broccoli (for me) soup and chicken and corn chowder (for Rog) on the side, and it was a belly-warming dinner as we watched the snow fall on West End. (PS – is it ever going to quit snowing? The self-employed person aint making money if she aint working. Lame.)

On that note, it’s been so cold that Callie has been bedding down in the funniest ways. She gets under blankets and sheets and it’s a miracle we haven’t squashed her yet. Although that’s a pretty sizeable bump under the covers, so then again, it’s kind of hard to miss.

Here is what I found when I turned down the bed last night to climb in.



I think she’s sucking her thumb in that last one. Precious.

In other food news (wow, this post is all over the place) – I can’t believe I forgot to mention this last week! I was working in Dickson, TN with my coworker Chris, and we pulled up all surrounding restaurants in google on our phones to decide where to go to lunch. He started rattling off what was around us… “Taco Bell….Wendy’s….Zaxby’s…..the Tater Shack….McDonald’s….”

WAIT…the Tater Shack?


Upon getting to this local dive in Dickson, TN, I was immediately overwhelmed at the over TWENTY kinds of baked potatoes they had on the menu. Roast beef tater (literally a tater stuffed with homemade roast beef), cajun tater, tex mex tater, country boy tater. I ended up getting the boring old original – topped with butter, sour cream, cheese, chives and bacon bits. It was DELISH, though. Chris settled on the Tex Mex I believe – with chili, jalepenos, cheese, sour cream and probably seven other things I’m forgetting. These potatoes were over A POUND before they added anything.

This picture really doesn’t do it justice as far as the sheer magnitude of the thing. Delish. Check out the Tater Shack if you ever are lost and wind up in Dickson.


See ya later tater heads. Stay warm out there.



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