>Rainy Saturday


We’re building an ark here in Nashville and gathering creatures two by two.

I skipped my morning group run this morning because I rolled over at 5:35 a.m. before my alarm went off (thanks, internal clock…take a break, sometime) and checked the radar – and there was a scary red line of rain and storms headed right for Nashville during the hour I was supposed to run six miles. SNOOZE.

Fleet Feet encouraged us via email yesterday to come on out and run in the rain because who knows, we may have rain on race day. Um, yeah…I’ll deal with that on race day, should that be the case. Considering I pour water over my head, in my face and down my shirt like it’s spring break in Panama City at every water stop on race day anyways, I figure it’ll feel about the same. No need to practice today.

PLUS, in one of my classic fits of klutz-ism last night, I totally whacked my ankle on the coffee table and it was NOT pretty last night. Exhibit A….


It feels ok today – only sore to the touch, and not when I walk – so I think if this rain lets up I’ll get my run on later. In the meantime, I’m working on making the perfect Jenn shaped dent on the couch.

Happy Saturday, little nuggets.



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