>I’m So Charitable


I started looking for my sandals and other summer shoes over the weekend, and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I thought, “well, they are out at my townhouse…and not here at the Flat.” So, I went to the townhouse, and they were nowhere to be found. I scoured there – I scoured at the Flat.

Nary a summer sandal to be found. What the heck? After lots of thinking and fretting, the only thing I can figure is that when I was downsizing and getting rid of lots of clothes I hadn’t worn all summer or winter, and made a huge Goodwill run, I must have accidentally donated EVERY pair of my summer shoes.

It’s the only explanation.

I was so annoyed with myself. I swear, my brain feels like it’s been held captive by one thing or another over the past couple of years – and I’d like it back!

In other news, I later discovered that my social security card I’d taken to work for HR wasn’t in my wallet where I thought I’d put it back. SO, my identity is currently in the process of being stolen OR, my card is still sitting in the scanner at work where I left it. Hopefully the latter.

So, my week will consist of definitely buying new shoes (I know, it sounds like a great problem to have  – “oh no! I HAVE to shoe shop…” but I’d really rather not melt my credit card right now), and possibly standing in line at the social security office. Fun!

If you see my brain running loose in the city, please send it home. It’s had enough fun for a while.



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