>Hodge Podge


Here are some random updates for you, blogger buds.

My sis-in-law is dabbling in photography. For a dabbler, she is quite amazing.

See here.

jenn 1


My beautiful fam.

jenn 2

jenn 3

Little Younger Brother.

jenn 4

Jenn edited

Thanks Ash! You’re super talented, lady.

The cicadas have officially invaded Nashville. The 13-year bug, which have been underground since 1998, are definitely making their VERY LOUD debut. Wow. They are ugly, loud and everywhere. Heck, I saw my boy Brian Williams talking about them on NBC Nightly News the other night. Way to go, Nashville.

I hit one with my car today and will have to windex my windshield before I can see to drive tomorrow. The ol’ wiper blades were no match for that bug vs. windshield death match.

Outside the Harris Teeter.


This video doesn’t do it justice because the volume isn’t accurate. It was deafening.

Cicada Invasion

We stopped at the Harris Teeter on our way to a birthday shindig. My sweet friend Alice, from work, invited us to her boyfriend’s birthday cookout. Derek and Alice and awesome and we had a blast. As is typical in Nashville, this broke out on the front porch.

Porch Jammin’


Lastly, I got to see my little Brantley this weekend. I just sat over there and held him for hours. Brad made us a delicious dinner and it was so nice to just sit and catch up and stare at the baby. When I was leaving Wendy was like “well, this is what we do.” I was like “I LOVE IT!” Seriously. So relaxing. I love my BFF and her little family!

Letting Brantley use the pillows God gave me.

brantley 2



That’s all for now, little nuggets. Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “>Hodge Podge

  1. >Your sis in-law's pics are awesome! She lives in Knoxville right? Cause I have a GORGEOUS subject just waiting to have her picture made! Seriously though – I am interested in what she'd charge for a session with Elena plus CD with all images and print rights. I think I have her newborn pics booked, but you know I'll have more than one session, cause I am a crazy mamarazzi like that. =)I hope all is well in Nashville!!

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