Yeah! You found me! Welcome to the new blog. 🙂 Thanks for visiting – I hope you come back often.

(The below post was my last post on justjenn.blogspot.com).


In my last post I alluded to some changes that were a’coming to this little blog of mine. I think I’m finally ready to reveal them.

I have loved “Just Jenn” – and she’s two year’s old this month! When I first started this blog I was going through a tough time – right in the middle of a divorce, to be exact. “Just Jenn” was a cutesy play on my new singledom and coming into my own, again.

I feel like such a different person now, and am in such a different place in my life. I’ve been thinking about tweaking the blog and its “theme” for a while now – and after being inspired at the Power of the Blog(Ger) event the other night, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

SO, a few important and excited changes –

  • The blog is moving to a new host – WordPress! This is apparently where the grown-up bloggers live. I hope I can fake it till I figure it all out.
  • I’m going to be blogging more regularly, if it kills me! I want to blog more about running, recipes and most importantly, RANDOMness. I often think of things and think “I should blog about that…” but just don’t prioritize it in my schedule. I’m going to start.
  • The blog has a new name! Please meet “Happily Ever Faster.”
  • And lastly, the blog will be hosted at a new URL – it’s very own .com!

I introduce to you,


Please change your readers, feeds, lists etc. and visit the new blog. (soon, you’ll be automatically redirected there). And bear with me while I probably continue to make changes – but it’s up and ready for your love.

Thanks for all of your love and support, blog world. I’m going to love you back, the way you deserve! 😉



2 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Thanks lady! I was so sorry to read about your house being broken into! That is the WORST. Ugh. Been there – and the violation is so awful. Glad you are all safe and sound with your security system now! Hope to see you two again soon, too! 🙂

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