Purse Treats

Today I was driving home from work and was in desperate want of a piece of gum. I was so desperate that I thought “maybe there’s a stray piece in the bottom of my purse. I’ll just pick the lint off and it’ll be awesome.”

So I got to a stop light and dug around in the depths of my purse bag. Something poked me. A pen? A key? I don’t know…what is that? I pulled it out….and almost ran off the friggin’ road.

WHAT in all things pure on God’s green earth is THAT.


Is that a tooth? A shark tooth, specifically? Should I see if there’s also some  shells in there and make a spring break necklace?

Seriously kids. This has to be a tooth. Look at the inside – it’s got the little marrow spaces like a bone, or a TOOTH.


Here’s a picture (ignore my terrible non-manicure) next to my finger so you can see the size of this baby. It is not small.


I bought this Coach bag at the factory store in Lebanon, Tenn. I got a wallet with it. And apparently, a bonus prize. This goes down in history as one of the strangest purse treats ever.


I think I’ll sell it on Ebay. Maybe it’s a Fossil. Oh wait – wrong factory store.



One thought on “Purse Treats

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