Weekend in Pictures

What to do when you get fed up and cut Comcast, and have to wait a week for DirectTV to be hooked up? HULU! Thankful for a laptop with a HDMI hookup.


Thanks to Bobby Flay (on HULU) – soaking corn before putting it on the grill. It steams and grills at the same time. Best corn we’ve ever had – from Trader Joe’s.


Callie – people watching.


Our waving flag.


Our swinging bird-feeder. Have I mentioned the deck is my favorite room of the Flat?


She loves him so much. She crawls up on him and just cuddles. Look at her paw across him. That’s a paw hug.


We cleaned for several hours Sunday. Callie is SO scared of a vacuum cleaner. Since we cleaned during her afternoon naptime, she absolutely crashed when she realized the coast was clear and the mean monster wouldn’t get her.


A two-mile run nearly killed me, today. 99 degree heat-index and 61% humidity. That’s a cold, wet-paper towel necklace – and the best thing I’d ever felt when I got home. The editing of this picture somewhat masks just how disgusting I was.


Girls can grill too! (Note poor little stitched up arm).


Chicken drummies from Trader Joe’s. I made a rub with equal parts garlic powder, onion powder and half as much of both seasoning salt and chili powder. Indirect heat for about 20-25 minutes – delish.


What did you grill this weekend? Besides yourselves. Dang it was hot!

Have a good week, little nubbins.



2 thoughts on “Weekend in Pictures

  1. Hey Jenn! Your paper towell necklace, which has possible trending potential, reminded me of these towels I got for Justin and my dad for Fathers Day. They cool you down right out of the package and stay cool for a while once opened. I got the ones from Chill Towels but the only thing is that they don’t stay cool for 2-3 hours like avertised but they did cool me down quickly on a nice 98 degree east TN summer day. There are several vendors on line that sell them but I went with the cheaper ones so the others may hold their coolness longer. After you’re done with them they make good rags for other things #begreenrecycle

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