We Will Beat This

Remember that episode of The Office where Kevin is waiting to hear back on whether he has skin cancer or not? It’s Michael’s birthday, and he’s peeved because everyone is stealing his thunder – especially Kevin who may have skin cancer. How dare he.

Later at the ice-skating rink (obviously), Kevin gets the call from his doctor. Michael (who’s come to his senses and is worried about Kevin, by now) rushes over to hear the news. Kevin says “It’s negative.” Everyone is relieved, except Michael, who angrily throws his hockey stick down in a fit of frustration and tells Kevin that “we will beat this,” as he hugs him. Kevin is confused.

Then, in his interview with the camera, Michael explains that “negative” in the medical community is apparently actually a good thing…which makes absolutely no sense.

I agree, Michael Scott.

Today, the doc’s office called and said “Hi Jenn – this blah blah blah from Nashville Skin and Cancer with your results.” My ears went numb, and when I heard “benign…totally negative…” I had to think extra hard about whether or not that was a good thing, since I was holding my breath and having heart palpitations from her solemn introduction. I mean, if you’re calling to give good news, you could sound a little more chipper, nurse.

But the positive news is, it’s NEGATIVE! Woo hoo!

Moral of the story – go get your moleys looked at. Better safe than sorry. And wear that SPF. Every day.



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