I Want to Send You $1,000,000

It never ceases to amaze me when I see these news reports about people getting scammed out of their own money. Not because their credit card got hacked or their identity stolen, but because they willingly and knowingly handed over personal information. I know, especially with the elderly in this day of technology, that these things happen – and it’s so, so sad and terrible. But man – it still never ceases to amaze me that a.) there are so MANY scams out there and b.) that people actually fall for the most obvious, silly sounding (to most of us) heists.

I am selling something on Craigslist right now, and I got the following email today from a gentleman named Reggie.

“would you be willing to trade your item for 12 months of one on one personal training? (10,140.00 Value)”

Well Reggie, did I put this item under the “for sale” listing or the “will trade for personal training” category? Thanks but no thanks. Plus, I’m a little insulted!

Sheesh. I got another one that said “is that your item available for sale?”

I almost just didn’t respond, but couldn’t help myself.

“Nah – I stole it and posted it on Craigslist to try and sell it back to its owner. Don’t tell, K?”

I got the following response:

  I am happy to read from you that the item is still avaliable for
sale,I will like to purchase it from you as soon as possible for my
friend. while My mode of payment will be via(paypal).I will add $100
to your asking price to cover the cost of Shipment to my friend via
(Express Mail Service (EMS)of usps.Get back to me with your paypal
email address So that i will proceed to send the fund to you or if u
do not have paypal u can go to http://www.paypal.com and set up account with

$100 extra dollars!? SOLD!

It was from “Johnson Smith.”

Gotta love it. Stay safe out there.

Now, please send me your social security number, date of birth and mother’s maiden name. My friend Johnson Smith needs it.



6 thoughts on “I Want to Send You $1,000,000

  1. I hate to say it, but I was scammed by someone like this before…I got almost the same response…since I was new to “selling online”, I called my brother, he was a little iffy, but said it seemed okay. The person was getting it for a “friend”, was going to send the extra money, but I had to provide the tracking number first. I was on pins and needles as soon as I sent it…(STUPID, I KNOW!) so, since I couldn’t sleep that night, I called FedEx at 3 am and recalled my shipment, luckily it didn’t get too far and I was able to get it back. I was out $100, but I got my item back and then I got to report the idiot to the FBI and to paypal. People are just desperate…it’s sad. Really. Loved the post…you crack me up!

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