Tom Cruise – Use Your Witchcraft to Get the Fire Off Me

Oh the heat wave. I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but DANG the heat wave is about to kill me. I seriously think that I may just burst into flames sometimes – and not even when I’m running, but just when I’m conducting normal everyday activities like WALKING TO MY CAR.

Seriously – give it up, mother nature. I’m so ready for fall, which I am pretty sure will be non-existent and we’ll go straight to a frozen tundra. Just because, mother nature seems to have some sort of vendetta against us all, as of recent years.

I ran 2.5 miles yesterday. I was going to do 3, but 2.5 was the breaking point. I immediately sat down on a park bench to take off my knee brace (that thing adds about 20 degrees to my body temp, I’m sure of it), and someone asked me if I was ok. I was like “Yeah – I’m fine – why?” “Just checking.” When I got home and looked in the mirror, his concern for me became clearer, since I looked something like this.

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This morning when I woke up, it felt like I’d smoked 2 packs of cigarettes. I’m not even kidding. My chest was so heavy, my voice was raspy and I felt like my lungs had water in them (or were lined with ash). I run around West End normally, so I know the car exhaust is not friendly. But yesterday I made a conscious effort to avoid it as much as possible, and ran through Vandy’s campus and through Centennial Park – but the pollutants and haze must just be hanging at mouth-level, EVERYWHERE. Ugh.

Ah well – 2.5 miles in this heat is a victory. I waited until 7ish, and it was still 96 degrees and felt like well over 100 with sweltering humidity. Gag. I mean, I am by nature a sweaty, hot person. Even in the winter, I’m all about some cardigans or light sweaters that I can peel off and put back on throughout the day as needed. I love big, cozy sweaters but can only wear them if I’m sitting outside all day. So this is really about to kill me.

This afternoon we’re supposed to get a rain shower or thunderstorm that might bring the temp to 78. I think I’ll throw on a goose-down parka and go soak up the frigid temps.



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