Surprise Visit from My Other 16 Pound Baby

Today Brad and Wendy called and said they were my neck of the woods. They’ll admit they don’t get “to town” much anymore, since they have their haven in the suburbs outside Nashville. So I was thrilled to hear from them and have a quick visit from them…and mostly Baby Brantley!

He was here about 30 minutes and I took approximately 2 pictures a minute.

And for those that wonder, Callie went ape as soon as she smelled fresh baby meat – so she was quickly banished to the bedroom before she could get a claw in my Brantley. She kept one eye and one claw poking out from underneath the bedroom door the entire time. Little turd.

Trying to get some use out of his “game day” outfit
before the little nugget grows out of it.




We think he could be a baby model. And we’re not even biased.



He thinks his Momma is the funniest person ever!


Aunt Jenn makes all the boys drool.


“Brantley – what color do you think we should paint our new cabinet?”

“Hmmm….let me evaluate your color scheme and think on that for a little bit.”


I look like I’ve been at the flea market sweating my fleas off all day. Oh wait, I was. At least Wendy is beautiful as ever. Can you believe she just had a baby?


Thanks for much for stopping by, friends! We love you so much. And happy anniversary!!  🙂



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