Welcome…No Matter What Strange Road You Traveled to Get Here

One thing I love about WordPress since switching from Blogger is the “Site Stats.” I love the analytics (wow, big mathy word) and being able to tell where people came from to my blog, what they clicked on while they were there, etc.

Now, please don’t let this deter you from stalking the blog. I can’t tell at all who you are or even see an IP address or some fancy tech mumbo jumbo that I could track back to you if I were smart enough. Of course, I would if I could. But I can’t. The stalker, becomes the stalkee!

But no – just random clicks and keywords – no face behind them. So, never fear.

Anyways – one thing I see is what keyword people used in Google, for example, to find my blog. This is fascinating and hilarious. It’s wild to think that a.) I’ve actually written about something related to these searches, b.) that Google was able to point to my blog when someone put in those search terms and c.) that some poor sap actually landed on my blog and probably cussed and scratched their head upon doing so.

I get all the normal ones like:

Happily ever faster jenn
Happily ever faster blog, etc.

But then there are ones like this:

Her knee brace

Bandaid feet blisters

“is that your item available for sale” craigslist. (I should start a support group for this one).

You’re so Nashville if (oops – bet you were looking for the Scene’s website. I’ll link ya up).

Rock & republic jeans costco (yep – I mentioned that in a post, and this search pops up a lot).

Missed my calling in life (um..sorry? Wait….does Google think I missed my calling in life?)

Mirror made into chalkboard

Running capris

Inside of tooth bone (why was someone searching for this? Hopefully they at least laughed when they saw what I found in my purse).

Bug hitting windshield (no idea).

Go get checked for the aids (REALLY. Really. I guess this came from all my talk about “go get your moles checked out,” because to my knowledge I haven’t encouraged getting checked for AIDS on the ol’ blog. Although, if you suspect, then sure – it’s probably a good idea to get checked).

xoxo pills in nashville (I had to google this one — and did not get sent to my own blog, by the way. But I sign all my posts xoxo. Like, hugs and kisses, not Ecstacy, which that is apparently a “street name” for. I doubt a list of nearby drug dealers will pop up via google, folks…so not sure why you googled that. But good luck to ya).

Solbrand I ansiktet (red-faced or something in Swedish).

Address for John Rich’s Mt. Richmore Love Circle Nashville

J Alexander’s cilantro shrimp calories (Right – like I go to J. Alexanders to worry about calories).

Tom cruise (sorry, no photos of the handsome fella or information about how to join his cult here. Just a Will Ferrell movie quote).

I’ll probably just get double the weird hits now, since I’ve re-blogged all of these.

XOXO, (hugs not drugs)


5 thoughts on “Welcome…No Matter What Strange Road You Traveled to Get Here

    • You know, I do what I can. But it’s THE aids. Not just aids. Go get checked for the aids.

      Love your new blog, friend! Congrats on the big move. 🙂

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