Hot Corn Dip

Hey little corn nuggets. This weekend at the baby shower I served up one of my go-to party dishes. Baby shower, game day, whatever – this recipe is a winner. I had several requests to post it, so here it goes. And I have to give credit for this to one of my best girls, Rachel. She originally brought this to my house for a game night several years ago, and I’ve been hooked on it and claiming it as my own ever since.

Hot Corn Dip
One can white corn
One can yellow corn (the difference is for color only – don’t panic if you can only find yellow)
One can rotel (tomatoes and green chilis all in one can for you non-Southerners)
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
Fresh cilantro
Garlic powder
Chili powder

Pre-heat oven to 350.
Drain corn and rotel WELL. Empty into 8×8 glass baking dish or similar.
Stir in (as best you can) cream cheese.
Chop a good handful (more or less to your liking) of cilantro – add in.
Add a few dashes of garlic powder and chili powder (I never measure this – I always just start with a couple and taste at the end and add more as needed).
Stir and pop in the oven.
Remove from the oven and stir well as cream cheese starts to melt.
Cook till bubbly (usually about 20-25 minutes?) and serve hot with frito scoops or tortilla chips.

ENOY! Num num.

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