The Many Faces of Callie

It’s been an admittedly slow blogging week. So, I give you some Callie footage – which pretty much is the only reason you read the blog anyways, right?

This is pretty classic Callie Cat. She acts all sweet and loving – but only long enough to have you let your guard down…then the real Callie comes out. Like in this video.

Then other times, she’s just plain sweet. I may have taken a short power nap after work today before my run. In the middle of my nap I felt quite the hefty feline walking up my back. It kind of knocks the breath out of you to have a 16 pound cat on your back while you’re in a dead sleep. Then she just snuggled down next to me, took a quick bath, kissed my arm, and fell asleep.



I love that crazy cat baby.



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