Chuck Norris Never did a Triathlon

This weekend I went to Kingston, TN for a very important event. My brother was officially becoming an Olympic Distance Triathlete. AMAZEBALLS.

He’d done two sprint distance Triathlons but this would be a whole new ballgame, particularly since the swim was not in a pool, but in beautiful Watts Bar Lake.

It was SUCH a great organized event, right in our little hometown – the Storm the Fort Triathlon. The Southwest Point fort in Kingston is apparently the only fort in the U.S. built on its original foundation. Learn something new every day.

So, olympic distance is a 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride, 6.2 mile (10K) run. Ugh, I’m tired just typing it.

But Josh rocked it. I can’t believe the shape he’s in and am in total awe of his athletic ability. He’s always been an athlete, but dang – he’s a beast. And when I think about how he just started running a little more than a year ago, picking up biking and swimming in the past 6 or so months, it’s even more impressive.

He thinks he finished somewhere between 30 and 40th of about 200.

Here’s your photo recap.

I decided I may be a better spectator than competitor. Or maybe spectating is a competitive sport with signs like these.




This one was a big hit.


Getting warmed up? Not so much. His little teeth were chattering, waiting on the “gun.” They actually used a cannon from Fort Southwest Point to start the race. We are so cool and historic in Kingston.


I wonder if the out-of-towners know how much fly ash they ingested thanks to TVA. Thank you, come again.


Coming out of the lake toward the front of the pack!




I see a violation here. But not the kind race officials were looking for. Ouch, blue.


My cute Daddy.


Starting his run! He got the worst side stich he said he’s ever had, or else the whole thing would have been “easy.” Little turd.


Standing at the finish line overlooking Watts Bar Lake. Is there anywhere prettier than Kingston? Maybe not.


Me and my Momma.


Not a bad view for the last half mile, but the hill was brutal. I ran it today so I could empathize, and I had to walk at the top of it. If I had to do it after swimming a mile, biking 25 and running 5.5, I would have probably just jumped in the lake and piled rocks on my head.


Loved this Daddy finishing with his little boy.


Here comes Wade!! Finishing with a smile on his face.


He looks relieved, no?


Yeah! I love you buddy. You really are my hero.




4 thoughts on “Chuck Norris Never did a Triathlon

    • Thanks Sis. 🙂 We missed you! Wish you were there. Yes — relay would be awesome, but I’m afraid Josh would whip us with his Garmin if we didn’t live up to his standards. I’m not sure if I’m ready for that pressure.

  1. They had to finish on that hill?? That thing is brutal! But seriously, starting off with a cannon is awesome. Kingston rocks.

    Want to come to VA Beach this weekend with some signs? 🙂

    • YES! Brutal.

      I’d love to!! Ha. I will be cheering for you from afar, all morning. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. You’re going to do great. 🙂

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