Bartender’s Bash

Last week my friend Alice and I went to one of the most fun events I’ve been to since living in Nashville. The Nashville Lifestyles Bartender Bash. WOW. Insert Jamie Foxx lyrics here.

Bartenders from some of Nashville’s trendiest, yummiest restaurants (Cabana, Tavern, Merchants, Cantina Laredo, the Palm, Rumba, Sambucca, etc.) were there to whip up their signature cocktails – and as attendees, it was our job to pick our favorite. Um, ok – I better taste every single one then, only to be fair.

I think there were 22 “tastings” total, which were really like shots. Plus, you got delicious hors d’ oeuvres and two complimentary Grey Goose cocktails (which were the best thing I had the whole night). Raspberry lemonade and something else I can’t remember…go figure. All of this for $25, which I initially thought was steep – but wow, no. Totally worth it.

Let’s photo recap, shall we?

The event was at Union Station, which is an amazing historic hotel in Nashville. I’d never been inside, but WOW, it did not disappoint. So beautiful.

Below, from their website.

union station

Each bartender had a table with two samples.


Ran into some sweet friends at the sold out event. Below, Meghan, who was my suitemate freshman year at UT. Aw – memories. 🙂

I’m not sure what is happening with my hair, because it was really too early to be looking like this.


Alice and I – my partner in crime.


Meghan, me and Ginger – another UT girl.


I unintentionally gathered my sample cups for a while like some badge of honor.


Halfway through we decided we better get some food. So we snacked on yummy cheese, meat and crackers. We also had a few passed hors d’ oeuvres like the most delicious ham and cheese sandwich bite I’ve ever tasted, a fried cheese and risotto fritter, some sort of ahi tuna on a cracker, etc.


The bartenders had all of the “ingredients” out so you knew what was in their little mixture. I about slipped that bottle of Limoncello in my purse.


Lady GaGa called – she wants her weirdness back.



The judges got full-sized versions of the cocktails. I’d like to go ahead and place my name in the hat for that gig next year. Email my people, Nashville Lifestyles.




Thank you, Grey Goose and Nashville Lifestyles for a delicious time. See you next year. It may take me that long to recover.




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