Art Schmart

My sweet friend Rachel and her BF Nick invited Rog and I out to the Downtown Partnership’s First Saturday Art Crawl over the weekend.

I really want to be all cultured and what not, but I have to be honest – at first I was like “eh – art?” But I knew the company would be good, so I was all in. Then, I heard the event was free AND there was free wine at every stop – and I suddenly became an art lover. I’ll stare at anything and pretend to be intrigued for a few minutes if you give me free wine.

In all seriousness though, this was seriously an AWESOME event and I think we’ll be going back next time. Who knew Nashville had so many art galleries? For this event, you start at one gallery and then a shuttle chauffeurs you between the rest of them on a loop through downtown. Every gallery had its own style and was exhibiting different artists. And the artists change between each art crawl, so if you went back each month it would be different.

I can’t believe how expensive some of the art was. For example:

On this piece there were a gazillion ribbons, like a little girl would wear in her hair, stapled or glued onto a canvas. This hot mess of bows can be yours for $12,000. Really? REALLY. I don’t get it.


Same artist – ribbon wrapped mummies.


If I were super rich, I might actually like to have this hanging in my entry way. It speaks to me.

That’s the artist there, in the striped pantsuit thingy. Mmm hmmm.


Love the doilies at the bottom there. It was very girly – ribbons, pearls and lace…and mummies.

I didn’t take too many other photos because a lot of the galleries were smaller and more intimate and I was trying to be cultured, remember? Snapping pictures and giggling at naked lady art didn’t seem very sophisticated.

We did fall in love with these guys, though.

Dolla dolla bills, y’all.


We all agreed they should be hanging in some rapper’s house. They were kind of metal and metallic and shiny. (those are official artsy words, by the way).


And there was this lady painting in the street – we didn’t see it finished, but it had big slices of cheese on it with wine glasses. I can speak that language.


Moral of the story – go get some culture in your life and check out the art. And get a free wine buzz thanks to Nashville’s art galleries. So fun! Future art crawl dates, here.



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