More Beach ‘Dear Photographs’

Here are some more of my “Dear Photograph” shots that I took in Destin. Love these.

And I think it’s worth mentioning – my Mom has been avoiding the camera and hiding behind it for years, apparently. I had to sneak these from my parents albums so they wouldn’t ask what the heck I was doing with them – and in my haste I was hard-pressed to find a single photo of Momma! Ha. She admitted, she’s been the cameraman for years.

The first man I ever let hold my hand. And the one who will always protect me best.

favorite jenn dad 2

The older we got, the closer we grew.

favorite jenn josh

It is too early to think of sentimental captions for all of these.  🙂

favorite jenndadjosh

favorite josh kicking

This is by far, my favorite. My favorite of Josh, and my favorite as far as getting the big wave and the horizon pretty lined up. I thought these beachy “Dear Photographs” would be easy — but when your background moves, not so much!

favorite josh

favorite three of us 2_picnik

Love you, Wades! Even you, camera-shy Cyndy.



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