Pick Your Plum

Pick Your Plum is an awesome website offering crafty little items for a deep discount. I occasionally check in (usually when another blog I read tells me to) and scope the daily deal, but haven’t ever purchased anything. On Monday though, they were selling these cute little flowers – a variety of 25 for $3.95. Shipping was $2.95 (no matter how many sets you ordered) so $6.90 total.

I’d had these DIY hair clips and pins that I didn’t know what to do with for a while, and this seemed like the perfect thing to finish the project.

My order arrived in the mail in just four days. I busted out the super glue and am in love with these cheerful little hair bobs.







My hair hasn’t been washed since Thursday, so…don’t judge.



Happy crafting, weekenders.



2 thoughts on “Pick Your Plum

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