Hey Y’all — Etsy Style

I recently moved into a new office cubicle at work, and need a couple of cute prints or artwork to fill a wall.

Enter Etsy. I’m obsessed with Etsy and don’t go on it very much, for fear of spending my whole paycheck.

I found the cutest shops and ordered several Tennessee themed prints with plans to make a Tennessee collage.

One of them, who I’m in love with now, is Meghan McCrary and her shop on Etsy. Best of all, she’s a Knoxville girl. I love how personal and interactive Etsy is – and Meghan was true to that. I found a print that I loved but it was a postcard size – but with one simple request, Meghan was happy to make me an 8×10.

Also, I ordered it on Saturday and it was in my mailbox today – Tuesday! Love it.

The cute package, from Meghan.


One of the 8×10 prints.


Another 8×10 I couldn’t resist.


And a free postcard to send to a friend!



Callie was here when I opened the package. She was also excited.


I caught her mid-yawn. She wasn’t really screeching with excitement.

However, she was excited that there was a present for her in the package, also.



Go check out Etsy, and especially Meghan’s shop if you’re in the market for some cute greeting cards + paper goods. And if you’re in Knoxville, you can see her stuff at RALA.



6 thoughts on “Hey Y’all — Etsy Style

  1. So cute! I’ll be checking out her Etsy because that print would look cute in my new apartment! I just moved to Nashville- and along with a million other questions I have- do you have a gym membership? I live off West End and have gotten mixed reviews so far and just curious if you had an opinion on gyms/work out classes? Thanks girl- love the blog!

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