If I Blog It, It Must Be Important

I’ve been in a blogging rut lately – and I know you’re all just dying without my regular postings, since all ONE of you has asked “why the lack of blogging, Jenn?”

So, here’s a couple of random things to tide you over until I come out of my rut or something interesting happens … or until Callie does something cute that you need to see. (Who am I kidding…that happens all the time).

Remember my Etsy post? I got my little “Tennessee Tribute” wall in my cubicle all situated at work.

Love it! Especially the scanner and phone line. It really brings the whole collection together.


I combined some of those Nashville postcards with my Etsy prints and instead of frames, used just mats and ribbon.


This was another Etsy find – printed on an old dictionary page.


In other random news – have you seen Sophia Grace? Lord help me – I just discovered her thanks to my friend Natasha’s blog recently, and am.obsessed.with.this.little.Brit!! She is so cute. And I love her nervous cough that she does throughout the video.

After you watch that one, then watch this video and it will totally make you love Nicki Minaj if you don’t already.

Don’t you just love those little nuggets? Rosie better get hers now – I foresee this becoming a solo act soon.



2 thoughts on “If I Blog It, It Must Be Important

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