Three Ingredient Pumpkin Bread

This is kind of like pumpkin cake. But isn’t cake just moist (oh em gee I hate that word) bread? So, bread or cake – whatever you call it – have yours and eat it too.

My bestie Wendy made this, per suggestion of Stephanie Sabbe, and I finally made it last night. The delay was due to trying to find a can of pumpkin in this dang city. Bunch of dang pumpkin eaters. I finally found it at the scary Kroger off Rosa Parks Blvd. Yeah – the craving was that bad.

So, three ingredient pumpkin bread/cake:

A can of pumpkin

A box of yellow cake mix

1 TBS pumpkin pie spice (to be honest, I couldn’t remember at the time if it was a tsp or TBS, so I did somewhere in between).

Wendy and I also added a dash of vanilla extract to ours.


Bake according to cake box.

I put a little slab of butter in the middle of this baby while it was still warm out of the oven and about died. It was so yummy.


I’ve got my second cold in six months – BLASPHEMY – and think this punkin’ bread will be even better when I have all my taste buds back.

Enjoy, punkin’ heads.



3 thoughts on “Three Ingredient Pumpkin Bread

    • Stacy – I like how you say “my friend Julie.” That’s freakin PB Fingers! She’s sort of famous. 😉 I made those cookies last year and they were pretty tasty. I like this bread a bit better because of the yellow cake mix vs. spice cake. Yummmmo!

      • Haha… She actually is my sorority sister from college and we lived in the KD house together. She’s got quite a following! I’m glad you read her blog, too. I may have to try this bread this weekend!

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