Life’s Little Comforts

When I was like 13 or so, I bought my Dad this Eddie Bauer sweatshirt for Christmas. Now, my brother will tell you that he thinks he bought my Dad this shirt, not me – but I specifically remember picking it out (at some discount store near the dollar theater in Knoxville that came and went practically overnight) and agonizing over the size. After all the agonizing I still managed to get one that was about two sizes too big. It swallowed him.

So, it became my Dad’s winter PJ shirt. He wore it all the time – nearly every night – just hanging around the house watching TV and such.

Over the years it got to the point where it had seen better days. Eventually he thought it was time to retire it. However, Mom couldn’t stand to see it go. So it became her comfy shirt for several years.

Recently I was at home and she told me that the Eddie Bauer shirt had run its course and that I’d probably gotten my money’s worth out of it – but it was time to let it go. (aka, throw it away or donate it).

NEGATIVE. I love that shirt. I’ve watched both my parents practically wear it as a winter uniform and it’s just so cozy. It was sort of sentimental to me. (I get strangely attached to clothes and keep them for entirely too long. I still have a few things from high school).

So now, it’s my comfy shirt. 🙂




Josh, you can have it next. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Life’s Little Comforts

  1. I have a Navy sweatshirt that I bought at a military surplus store 20 yrs ago. It is disintegrating before my eyes, but I will never let it go. It is my woobie :O)

    • This is awesome! Military surplus stuff lasts forever! I have another shirt that is my woobie — I sleep curled up with it. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. 🙂

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