Eats out East

There’s so much good food and drink in Nashville. I am by no means a food blogger or restaurant critic (although that’s sort of my dream job – so, if anyone’s listening, I’ll always say good things about your establishment if you give me free food. But I think that’s missing the point). Anywho – nonetheless, when I try something new and fabulous I like to tell you about it.

One place that’s been in East Nashville now for a little while, that I had also yet to try (I tend to be a bit behind on trends….I’ll probably think iPads are cool in 2.3 more years) is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Or, better known as just Jeni’s.

I really like frozen yogurt, and as you know it’s all the rage. However, any time I’m given the choice I’ll choose ice cream over yogurt every time. How can you not? It’s so much creamier and dreamier.

Jeni’s isn’t your ordinary run of the mill ice creamery. They have flavor combinations that boggle the mind. So, after a work lunch meeting at yet ANOTHER amazing place I’d never been to (more on that later) I jumped at the chance to go to Jeni’s when my lovely coworker friends suggested it.

Jeni’s says:

We create ice creams we fall madly in love with, that we want to bathe in, that make us see million-year-old stars. We devour it out of Mason jars, coffee mugs—whatever we can get our hands on. Handmade American ice cream = Bliss with a big B. Every single thing we put in our ice cream is legit. Generic chemist-built ice cream bases and powdered astronaut-friendly gelato mixes? No, ma’am. We build every recipe from the ground up with luscious, Snowville milk and cream from cows that eat grass. With that exquisite base, we explore pure flavor in whatever direction moves us at any moment, every day, all year.

How can you not love that?

Before I decided on my flavor, I tasted combinations like the following: (these images via) peanut

Bangkok Peanut:

Smooth, rich, peanut butter, sweet
Ohio honey, toasted fresh-ground coconut,
sharp cayenne pepper. A complex combination of salty, savory, sweet, and heat melts on the palate. Pleasant, lingering spicy finish. Supremely gratifying.

Goat Cheese with Cognac Figs: goat cheese

Mackenzie Creamery’s super-fresh
goat cheese with pockets of saucy
cognac-soaked figs and almonds.
A lighter, more ethereal cheesecake
with Courvoisier and figs.

I finally settled on a limited edition flavor: cumin

Cumin and Honey Butterscotch Cake:

Turmeric-tinted ice cream spiced by
smoky, aromatic cumin and sweetened with honey butterscotch sauce-saturated cake crumbles.

OH.EMM.GEE. It was so yummy. I just loved the whole place. The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable about every flavor, telling you about how it would “finish on your palate,” which felt more like a wine tasting than the ice cream feast I was about to indulge in.

If you’re in East Nashville – definitely go visit Jeni’s. You won’t be disappointed with the flavor combos. Me and my lovely coworkers certainly were not. 🙂


More on our lunch that day, soon. I naturally posted about dessert first.



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