Eats Out East: Part II

I wrote yesterday about the dessert part of my lunch last week in East Nashville – naturally. But lunch was JUST as amazing. The Silly Goose was such a treat. It’s been around for a while, but is in a new expanded location.

I didn’t feel like scaring off the nice lady we were having a business lunch with, so I borrowed some of these photos from the Silly Goose’s website rather than whipping out my camera and photographing my food.



Now, if you know me, you know I avoid the organic section at the grocery store because I (jokingly) think it’s a marketing ploy like Valentine’s Day.  I mean, I like to eat healthy, but I figure something else besides the chemicals and pesticides in my food will kill me first. This kind of thinking is the antithesis of the Silly Goose and I probably just went on their black list for stating such things in a public forum.

But, if this is what organic, sustainable food tastes like, I could adjust my belief system. 🙂 Maybe.

The menu looks divine – you can see it here. I finally settled on the Princess. Duh.

It’s a salad,  featuring “local apples, pears, spiced pecans, apple smoked bacon, dried figs, arugula, tarragon buttermilk dressing.” It was SO good. A good portion size for lunch and perfectly filling.

I was torn between that and the Vinny Abraham, so that just means I have to go back soon. (Vinny Abraham is a salad that features Prosciutto Di Parma, artichokes, kalamata tapenade, goat cheese stuffed peppers, arugula, focaccia).





Duck, duck, goose – you’re it. Go try this fresh urban delight…you won’t regret it and may actually get some vitamins and nutrients from all that organic fare while you’re at it. 😉



3 thoughts on “Eats Out East: Part II

  1. You should describe how the salad was served…. fruit/nuts/bacon on one side of the plate, arugula with balsamic on the left. Not what I was expecting, but mymy it was tasty!!

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