Find What You Were Looking For?

I think it’s time for another installment of “Why the heck would you Google that in the first place, and how did it land you on my blog?”

I love WordPress for its stats and analytics. I get a daily kick out of seeing what search engine terms people use to somehow wind up on my blog. So, here are some of the latest and greatest…and my commentary where relevant.

Santa wine binge (I intend to go on one of these around Christmas. Maybe Santa can join me).

Callie hunter

Skating makes my face sweat profusely (Me too, as does most normal cardio activity above a slow walk, but again, how did this lead you to my blog?)

Killed ducks

Boys named Brantley (Aw — I do post about my nephew Brantley a lot).

Bone breaks pictures for kids

What is red berries bears eat in Gatlinburg

Sorority and fraternity boyfriend and girlfriend sayings

Pizza-pie vending machine (if this doesn’t already exist, I hope whoever Googled it is inventing one right now).

WTF Chinese menu (agreed).

Gambling sweaters

Frigid wife bras (no words. Although I’m tempted to Google this myself and see if this is some new thing I don’t even know about yet).

Is my pants to pictures (I know you thought nobody would see this, but please speak English. Google probably sent you to my blog because it was so confused.)

How can I sell my townhome fast? (HA — I bet you were disappointed when you landed here, right? If you found anything helpful, please do pass it along).

How to say don’t talk to me in a fancy way (Um…you shalt nary speaketh another word unto me, good sir. Duh, and you’re welcome).



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