Christmas Came Early

I love to be organized. And I like to do it the old fashioned way, using a pen and paper. I’ve had more planners and journals over the years than you could shake a stick at, as we say in the South.

When I was little, the stationery or office/back to school section of any store was my favorite part. Even in Toys R’ Us when I was little, I would head straight for the Lisa Frank stickers, stationery and pencils.

*Side note – do you remember Lisa Frank? OMG. I loved that stuff. But now, looking back at it, I kind of think Lisa must have been on some serious hallucinogens when she designed this stuff. Wowzas.

lisa frank

I have only recently started relying on my blackberry to keep up with my calendar (just because it’s so darn easy), but I still write everything down in a planner as well. Double the work, but twice the fun if you ask me. 😉 Dork alert.

I recently saw on my friend Melinda’s blog that there was a screaming deal on Erin Condren planners. I admit, I’d never heard of Erin Condren. However, since learning of her, I think she’s one of the greatest things ever.

She makes these planners that are so girly and so adorable and best of all, customized. Again, huge dork here. So, the deal was that you could get a $50 or $60 planner for about $12.50. It consisted of purchasing some kind of groupon-like thing, using a couple of promo codes, another promo code, and then finally cashing it all in for a customized planner. I die. This is like organizational heaven meets couponing heaven. Pretty much what my Heaven will actually be like, I think.

So, I quickly purchased one for myself and called up my sis-in-law (who shares my love for planners and to-do lists) and said that’s what she’s getting for Christmas and to let me know which one she wanted. She emailed me back with her order in about 2.5 seconds because it had been on her wish list for some time. Dorks keep the company of other dorks.

It took a small eternity to finally arrive at my doorstep, BUT, I give you THE planner in all its glory.

I squealed with excitement when I saw it waiting on me Friday after work.


I picked out (from lots of amazing options on the web site) the multi-colored zig zag design. It’s a dark brown color – kind of hard to tell here. And, it’s QUITE thick and substantial. The sign of a good bible planner.


And this is my customized text.



Each order includes a few personalized labels/stickers.


They had to re-print my cover (probably because the design crew had to argue over my incorrect use of the ellipsis, but I love a good ellipsis…), so mine took a few days longer to get here than my sis-in-law’s, which was pure torture. However, to make up for it they sent me some extra personalized labels. Aw, Erin – you shouldn’t have.


Some of the labels that come with every order, tucked into the little folder in the back. Swoon.


Well, now that I’ve officially shared what an unbelievably huge (organized) tool I am, I’ll leave it at that. I’m off to try and come up with more things to put on the calendar.



8 thoughts on “Christmas Came Early

  1. I have one and love it. Word to the wise, use some scotch tape to reinforce your tabs. erin is working on making stronger ones for next year. they tear up pretty easily.

    • That’s good advice! I thought the very same thing about the tabs when I got it in my hands — “these seem sort of fragile.” And as much as I plan on toting it around, Scotch tape will be necessary. 🙂 Thanks, Turner!

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