Give Me the Good Stuff

I can’t take cold medicine. I learned in college that anything with pseudoephedrine makes me have extreme paranoia, hallucinations and anxiety. It’s super fun. After I came back to the health clinic on campus convinced people were trying to run over me with their cars and not knowing how I ended up walking clear across campus with no memory of it, the doc took the Sudafed from my hand and said “let’s not take this anymore, dear. Ever.”

Turns out the main ingredient in meth (pseudoephedrine/ephedrine) = not so good for Jenn.

So, when I get a cold I have to turn to the tough it out method – or, the occasional home remedy. Like last night when I was DYING with a sore throat.


Just like our ancestors used to do it, right? They didn’t have no stinkin’ Dayquil.



6 thoughts on “Give Me the Good Stuff

    • Whew! More power to him. I would literally be jogging in place on the interstate or something if I took whiskey AND Nyquil! That stuff makes me crazy.

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