Signs of the Season

Here are a few snapshots of my holiday season for you.

Here’s my great bird hunter. Isn’t she beautiful? She loves to sit there and chatter at the birds outside on the wire.



And, she helps unload the shopping bags. Santa’s little helper.


My handsome reindeer.


Callie loves to lay under the tree. She puts her prized and most favorite toys under there. I like to imagine it’s because she wants to gift them to us. So sweet. 🙂



At work, our VP bought everyone in our department a little tree for our cubes. Mine is purple/pink and so cute.


USB powered Christmas lights – coolest thing ever.


Our beautiful decorating for the building-wide contest. We did not win. Boo.


Natalie’s amazeballs paper snowflakes/stars. Depends on your perspective. 🙂 I love them so much I’m making some to hang in our big window facing West End  Ave. at the Flat.


My cozy little cube. I love it. I’m so blessed to work in such a great place with such fun people. This week has been so great and a good reminder of how lucky it is if we can actually enjoy our jobs – and the people we work with! Sometimes work is just work – but actually being able to enjoy it is such a blessing.


Now that I’ve gotten all grateful and sappy, Merry Christmas, little reindeer.



4 thoughts on “Signs of the Season

    • I know! Everyone misses you too! I just read your blog. 😦 You are a fabulous professional and that doesn’t fade with Mommyhood. Any company would love to have you when you’re ready to jump back in. And you’ll have a thousand recommendations if they don’t believe it!

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