I Just Want to Pound the Pavement

Is that so much to ask?

After being sick as a dog with this terrible winter cold for the past 10 days and not exercising AT ALL, I finally ran the past two days in a row. And it.was.glorious. It felt so good to sweat again. And from something other than eating too many Christmas cookies in a row.


I recently got some new SuperFeet insoles.


I’ve been using these since I started training for my first half marathon almost two years ago. I had never even really heard of or considered insoles – but basically all the cool people at Fleet Feet were doing it, so I signed up for the extra $45 expense as well. When in Rome.

They help stabilize your foot in your shoe and provide more support, therefore aligning everything all the way up to your hip and so on as you run. Although I have a pretty normal arch and stride and don’t really need them, I’ve been wearing them because I was told it can’t hurt.

But when I got my new shoes over Thanksgiving and didn’t have my inserts with me, I did a few runs without them. They felt fine – great even. And then I got my inserts back and with the first run in them my shins hurt and knee was sore. I wore them again, and the same thing.

So I removed them today and ran without them – and it felt good. What the heck, SuperFeet? Should I have been running without these things for the past 2 years? Why is running so confusing? I just want to run – not solve world peace. This should be easier.

I sincerely wish I could just go out and SkinnyRunner every run I ever attempt – but it’s always such a mental and physical battle. It’s a love/hate relationship. 🙂

Any thoughts on inserts from you runner types out there?



6 thoughts on “I Just Want to Pound the Pavement

  1. I don’t use inserts at all! Fleet Feet didn’t recommend them to me and my physical therapist practically beat me when I tried to get some after my injury. I wear the neutral Brooks Glycerins and love them!

      • This PT thinks they have a time and place…. Which varies with foot and shoe type and running form and running surface…. An inappropriate orthotic application can really throw off your dynamics and create problems, sort of like taking medicine for a problem you don’t have :). Awesome to hear you don’t need the insert and that you are running! I run at Percy Warner and love it!

      • Thanks, Alaina! This is insightful. It’s so dang confusing — but I guess the easiest thing to do is to stick with what feels good. So for now, no inserts for me. 🙂

  2. I actually bought those exact same inserts from Fleet Feet and tried to get used to them, but I never liked them…and like you, when I took them out, I felt much better…go figure!

    • Good to know! I never considered that less is more. I swear, between my knee brace, compression sleeves, Garmin, etc. I probably wear 20 pounds of extra crap when I run! Ha. 🙂

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