Wine? I’m There.

Are you all signed up for Sharing Spree yet? I think it’s only in a few cities so far, but is expanding quickly. It’s the same concept as Groupon, Living Social, etc. You buy a voucher to be used at a restaurant, shop or venue for a deep discount.

Today’s deal is to one of my favorite places — Rumours Wine and Art Bar in Nashville’s 12 South District. I loooove this place. It has a great patio in a great neighborhood — and the wine and and munchies are pretty delicious. And $10 for $30 worth of goods?! You can’t pass it up. The voucher doesn’t expire until April, so I think I’ll save mine for some patio weather this spring!

So, I thought I’d share. Get yours here!

Sharing Spree also has a great program where each deal benefits a non-profit — and today’s is for the Red Cross. Wine for a good cause — yes please. And, they have a good referral system. On some of the similar sites you can get your deal free if three friends buy it as well — and on Sharing Spree you get credits if your friends purchase. So, that rocks, too.

Happy shopping, friends!



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