Making Fire

I’ve been a little MIA lately, because I’m in a new relationship and it’s pretty hot and heavy. We spend pretty much every waking moment together – we play games, we read, we surf social networks, catch up on the news and are pretty much BFFs.

I got a Kindle Fire on Christmas and had NO idea it was coming! Was a total surprise from my sweet parents who know what I need better than I do, apparently. Because I NEEDED this little toy. It’s so much fun. 🙂

So, until I can tear myself away (all it lacks is a blogging app, then I’d really never have to leave it), here are some photos from the holiday.

I hope my sis-in-law got some better ones, because I didn’t even get a photo of me with any of my kin, or with my Rog!

Rog, excited about his fancy tea! Thanks Josh and Ashley. 🙂


Ozzy Wade – who can resist that snaggle tooth?


Mom and Dad stay busier in their retirement than ever before – so they need a planner to write it all down. I made them a new 2012 planner using Blurb and each page has photos of our lovely family on it. I think it was a hit.



My handsome brother.


Bailey Wade.


Dad and Josh killed a Christmas goose.


Oswald hoped Dad would drop a piece of the Christmas goose.



Rog is in NYC for work now, which is LAME only because I’m still in Nashville. I dropped him at the airport yesterday morning and took the rest of the day AND today off. It was the best Christmas gift I could have given myself and I’ll probably cry when I have to go back to work tomorrow. I’ll miss the Jenn-shaped dent in the couch that I’ve perfected.

Tonight for example — wine, Kindle Fire and Cooking Light Magazine – Kindle version, of course. Because paper is for losers.




Thank goodness I have Monday off to recover from my two-day work week that starts tomorrow.



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