Never Trust a Weatherman

There was a break on the radar tonight – about 30 minutes where it wasn’t supposed to rain at all, after rain all day and continued rain late tonight. As soon as I saw it letting up, I took off out the door already running.

I just wanted to get a couple quick miles in so I wouldn’t regret the half of a cupcake I ate today.

The first part of the run was great. Light sprinkles – just enough to make you feel hardcore for running in the rain. However, the last mile it came a torrential downpour with a serious headwind. Lovely. I couldn’t even see and was tasting mascara.

I passed students on Vandy’s campus who looked at me like I was crazy.

One guy said “ma’am – do you need a ride?” I just glared at him and kept running – since he was on foot and all, I’m not sure how that was supposed to be helpful. And don’t call me ma’am, you little turd. I was in college not that long ago once.



Someone asked me the other day if I do my runs in the winter on a treadmill. NO. Heck no. I loathe the dreadmill. I did all my training for those half marathons in the snow, in the rain, in the 100 degree temps.

I literally cannot run on a treadmill. I can’t balance on them and I fall off. Reason number 1,023,345 why I don’t have a gym membership – right behind reason 1,023,344, which is sweaty, grunting men.



3 thoughts on “Never Trust a Weatherman

  1. Pluck my heart strings daughter!!! Why is it they ALWAYS UNDER predict the amount of rain (yesterday “they” said we would get around an inch here in East Tennessee and we got over 2 inches) and ALWAYS OVER predict snow??? Geez … rain and the weatherman … the bane of my existence … sorry about the runny mascara … love you … Dad

      • I couldn’t help but notice the binoculars. Who/What have you been binocular-ing? Coat Hanger…Trashbag? I don’t blame you. I would want to know what I was up against too before I took off on an evening run. Love and miss ya, Sis. I am sure your mascara alone runs faster than 97% of America. Go you!

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