Photo a Day Challenge — Day 4, a Stranger

Continuing the February Photo a Day Challenge, today’s topic is “a stranger.”

february photo a day

Today as I was getting ready for my first BarreAmped class (more on that later), I was sipping my coffee and being grateful that I am not training for the Country Music Half Marathon this year. I sort of miss it whenever I see the dozens of people, if not hundreds, running around downtown every Saturday for their training, but this morning – I did not envy them. It was POURING.

So for today’s photo topic, check out these poor “strangers.” And if you runners in these photos happen to stumble across the blog, or if you were just out running in the rain this morning, props to you – because it looked miserable, and you are a rockstar for braving it.




You guys rock, and make Nashville proud! Every time I see groups of people running I think of my poor little brother (who lives in Knoxville) and how he is always amazed when he visits at how many people are running around Nashville. He gets hazed, yelled at and even has pennies flipped at him from moving vehicles when he runs outdoors in Knoxville.

They probably think he just committed some kind of crime. Why else would someone just be running down the street? 



One thought on “Photo a Day Challenge — Day 4, a Stranger

  1. They do rock. I haven’t had anything thrown at me in a while, but I have been running in the neighborhoods to avoid our terrible drivers. It is easier to dodge the 80 year old men going 12.5 MPH in their Cadillacs.

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