Peaches and Pecans

Last weekend my family and I took a long weekend and headed south. Way south. My Mom’s family is in South Georgia – Fitzgerald to be exact. Never heard of it? Shocker.

It’s a small town and I sure love it. My brother and I have such fond memories of spending some summer weeks and every Thanksgiving there for as long as we can remember.

But when I got into college, started working holidays and we were all going a million different directions, the Thanksgiving visits unfortunately came to a halt. Long story short, it had been nearly 12 years since Josh and I visited Georgia. For shame – I know.

But as soon as we hit the farm, it all came screaming back. Josh grabbed his fishing pole and headed for the pond. I grabbed a stick and started poking at fire ant hills and promptly got stung/bit by one. Not much has changed.

It was a great trip with great family and we are all beyond blessed.

Here’s a photo recap of the sweet southern road trip for you. Click on any of these to make them bigger.

Ash and I in the car. Five of us in a Toyota Camry – it was cozy, but flew by. Fortunately we’re all hilarious…and we know it. The stories were abundant.


The farm! And the farm house.


This old cattle chute used to fascinate me when I was little.


Poppa Joe and my Momma.


Fire ant hills. And fishin’.


Dirt roads everywhere. More guineas in the road than cars.



Dad caught the biggest fish of the day!


Poppa Joe promptly went to clean it for dinner – and terrify Ashley by cleaning it for quite a while before finally cutting its head off and putting it out of its misery. Nothing like a fish having its scales scraped off while its gills flap up and down.



Three generations of good genes, if you ask me.


My grandma always has about 5 or 6 cats and dogs – plus the chickens, cows, guineas, etc. It was one of mine and Josh’s favorite things about visiting when we were little – seeing what new animals she’d taken in. She worked for the Humane Society, and oftentimes, WAS the Humane Society. She is an animal lover for sure.


Ashley was quite the fisherwoman too!


Japanese tourist or fisherman? You decide.



On the left, the “town”house that Momma Too lived in for a while. Poppa Joe worked the farm, but Momma Too stayed at her “town”house to stay away from all the pesticides on the farm. They would have their date every night when Poppa Joe came into town for the dinner Momma Too had prepared. So sweet.

On the right is the church my parents were married in over 30 years ago.


Lunch was at Harvey’s – the grocery store. WOW. Look at that buffet. I could eat that again right.this.second. And of course, sweet tea bigger than my head.


Our resident photog. We’re lucky to have her!


The pecan orchard. I have many bags of pecans in my freezer from this place!


That little fella on the far right was so curious about us. It was baby cow season – there were so many of them.


And lastly, this is what Momma Too looked like most of the day. Doing what she does best – snoozing and cuddling an animal or two. “Multi-tasking,” as she says.


It was such a good trip. Let’s go back soon, familia!



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