Weekend Love

This weekend was just lovely – even though we lost an hour of sleep. But as I write this, it’s well past 6:30 and it’s still light out – so I can deal with it.

Friday night Rog and I RedBoxed Hugo. We had zero interest in seeing it until it got all of those Oscar nominations – then we wondered if we were missing something. It was really cute and we definitely got caught up in the childlike fantasy of it all. But it was almost like it was written just for the “Academy.” It was all about movies, making movies, what’s great about movies, etc. But definitely worth a watch and the characters were so cute.


Saturday I went to our brand new McKay’s bookstore. They moved from their other location to a bigger one. They closed for a week to move and reopened yesterday – so yes, I went on opening day like a crazy person. It.was.packed. I had some trade-ins and stood in line quite a while, but I totally racked up so it was worth it.


Two stories of fun.


My loot. I printed my “to-read” list off of Good Reads and took it with me – it was so easy! I got lots from my list and started the Hunger Games first, so I can see it in the theater, soon. It’s SO good! I also got a couple classics – to Kill a Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye – never read either. Can’t wait to be all cultured, and what not. All of this cost me $1.31. Love a trade-in.


Next, I went to Target. I ordered a swimsuit off the World Wide Interwebs and I guess Medium is the new Small, because that thing pinched me in places that only God needs to know about.

But, props to Target, because you can return online items to the store and get refunded right there. Super convenient.

While I was there, I spotted this little gem of an outfit. Really, girl? Really. People can see you. And I don’t care how much of a hipster you are – white, fringed, short cowboy boots are never ok.


Hopefully I fared a little better with these babies.


Callie thinks so.

That sleep shirt on the right, by the way, is SO comfortable. Go fetch yourself one, ladies.


I finished up the errands with some grocery shopping. Check out this “uniq” fruit at Publix. Uniq indeed.


And, I must have been thirsty, because I just had to have this chocolate milk. It was divine.


I came home to this stuck in the front door. He’s a keeper.


See my previous post about my culinary delights that I wrapped up Saturday evening with – Kale Chips! Delish.


Today has been full of house cleaning, relaxing and general doing nothingness.

Callie is terrified of the vacuum cleaner, so cleaning day is not fun for her. She hides under the bed or in the kitchen depending on where the cleaning is happening at the moment. If you get too close to her hiding place, she blasts by you, leaping over the vacuum cleaner like an Olympic long-jumper and scurries to a different hiding place. It’s just pitiful.

But selfishly, I like it when we clean, because she is SO lovey dovey when “the monster” gets put away. (She knows the word “monster”). It’s like she thinks you’ve rescued her from it, so she wants to stay real close to you and thank you for it. She has cuddled on the couch with me all afternoon and made biscuits on my legs.

Love her.

In other Callie news, today she was on the couch looking out the window and a pigeon landed RIGHT on the windowsill. I thought she was going to jump through the glass. They faced off for a while. It was hilarious and the highlight of her week, I’m sure. She’s never wanted something so badly.

Callie vs. Pigeon

Hope your weekend was as lovely as you are, friends!



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