Photo Catch-Up

Man, sorry for the blog slacking! As spring has fallen upon us, so has the craziness and busy schedules. SO much going on lately! I literally have something on the agenda every evening and just collapse when I get home. Wah wah – anywho. Let’s start with last weekend.

Last weekend I did the Richland Creek Run, which is a five mile race (not to be confused with a 5K, friends) here in Nashville. It’s just a couple miles from where Rog and I live, so that was nice. And it’s relatively small – less than 500 people. I haven’t run 5 miles in forever. Probably since I was training for the 2011 Half Marathon this time last year. So I decided I’d just take it slow and do like a 10.30 pace but try and run the whole thing. I ended up doing like a 10.16 pace, and loved every minute of it. Well, almost every minute. Smile I mean, it was RUNNING after all.

The course wound through a greenway in Sylvan Park around McCabe golf course – so the turf was all brand new to me. I’d never been back there, which was nice. I wasn’t anticipating every turn and it made it zip by. The greenway was GORGEOUS, along with the weather. We ran over some bridges across a creek and it felt miles and miles away from the city. So pretty.

Here’s my gear – I was the one in pink. Shocker. I left the pink compression sleeves off though – you know, so it wouldn’t be too much. Smile And my pre-race face.


Here’s the best picture Rog could snap of me finishing – after I’d already stopped. Because I sprinted through the finish like a big tool – but I had some juice left and there were a couple of chicks in front of me. So, I couldn’t help it. You know, better for my record books to come in 276th place than 278th.

photo 1

Who knows what I’m doing in these pictures. I’m all like “Oh heyyyyyyy. Hardest race ever. Cause I ran 5 minute miles the whole time. Yeah.”

photo 2photo 3

And here’s me acting more normal, back at the Flat.


Moral of the story – Richland Creek Run will be an annual tradition! So fun.

Some other sights from the weekend:

We saw this lovely outfit outside the Holiday Inn. She had on some sort of hat that looked like a cat. I mean, I’m a crazy cat lady, but this was too much.


All the other kids with the pumped up kicks…

Heading to dinner at Rachel and Nick’s.


A little Easter morning quiet time.


Rog and I spent Easter Sunday afternoon walking through Centennial Park, which we’re so fortunate to have right across the street from our place. We love it and should use it even more. It was gorgeous this day. We’re just waiting on the baby ducks to be born – it’s about that time! They are so dang cute and it’s basically the highlight of the year. Smile



Have some babies, duck!



You don’t realize how gigantic the Parthenon is until you’re next to it.


The view from the Parthenon looking across the front lawn, toward our place. Soooo pretty!


That was the weekend. This weekend I’m looking forward to doing not a whole lot. I seriously can’t believe how busy this spring has been already, so I’m savoring the quiet moments. I plan to read, get the oil changed in my car and workout a couple times. What’s your weekend look like, little nuggets?



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