Blog Readin’ Fatigue

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How do you all read your blogs? Do you physically go to each of them? Use a reader? Use the blog roll on your own blog and click through each one?

I, personally, had my life changed the day I discovered Google Reader. I love it and rarely physically hit a blog’s URL. Did you also know that when you look at the analytics of how many hits your blog gets, it doesn’t count all of those people who are reading your blog in reader? At least that’s how I understand it works on WordPress.

Anywho – if something is interesting to me and I want to read it every time someone posts, I drop it into my Google Reader, which I like to check every morning and sometimes every afternoon, so it doesn’t get too full. However, I recently found myself skipping over a LOT of the blogs I’d put in my reader. I’d just skim right over it and not even pretend to read it. I did this for months until I was like “hell – this is MY reader – why am I keeping this trash in here?” So I did a big overhaul on the blogs I follow and cleaned my reader out. SO much better.

It was sort of strange and got me ruminating over it – because I obviously liked the content at some point, or I wouldn’t have put it in there. So what changed? Surely the author didn’t change. They are probably doing exactly what they were when I once found them appealing. So it must have been me that changed. Why? How?

And with a couple of these blogs, I’m not talking about “eh, I just am bored with it.” I’m talking I was straight up like “you are terrible and dumb. Quit talking. If I see one more awkward self-portrait of you in running clothes in your tiny backyard, I will straight up knife my computer screen.” (I know, that makes me sort of terrible, but this is my little internet corner to speak the truth, just like they have theirs to be terrible in).

Did my interests change? Am I happier now and don’t feel like listening to them whine about how sucky everything is (when their world actually seems pretty perfect)? Or maybe it was the opposite and I found their constant state of euphoria unrealistic. Nobody is that happy. Maybe I’m jealous. Maybe I feel sorry for them. Who knows – but it got me thinking nonetheless.

They’ve done these studies that show that people who use Facebook are generally not as happy and satisfied with their lives as people who are NOT on Facebook. They believe it’s because we tend to post more about all the good things in our lives on Facebook, e.g. “I’m having the greatest day ever! I just got a promotion at my dream job and got engaged to my dream man via this 6 carat diamond! See photo.” Ok that’s kind of an extreme example – but you get my drift.

So we read all this crap about how wonderful everyone else’s life is – forgetting that they aren’t telling us about how they also gained four pounds last week, are strapped for cash until payday and have relationship issues, too. But it’s all about perception. So we start to think everyone else has a peachy life and ours is lame because we aren’t eating at the fanciest restaurants with the prettiest people and doing the “most fun thing!” every weekend. Neither are they – they are just going to be dang sure you know about it when they do. Multiply that by your 800 friends and you could see how that would be depressing.

I think the same thing applies to my recent blog reader overhaul. What do you think?

How’s that for a random Wednesday brain dump?

Happy humpday, friends!



3 thoughts on “Blog Readin’ Fatigue



    and totally agree. i keep the blogs in my reader {you included} under 100 and am quick to clean one out. and i also believe that facebook study. lord knows that everyone but me is engaged right now. or, at least that’s what fb told me.

    • Gurl, you know I can never tire of looking at your pretty face! 🙂

      Glad you agree. It’s quite the phenomenon we’re faced with thanks to the ol’ technology!

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